Geographical Focus


We at Creon Capital believe in long-term growth in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This boundless region, located in between Europe and Asia, will benefit from China’s plans to re-establish the New Silk Road.  Just like in medieval times, this was a trade corridor connecting the continents.

However, Eurasia has image problems, with many regional industries stagnant. Combined with the oil-rich countries like Kazakhstan’s falling GDP-growth rates, regional corruption, and bureaucratic over-regulation, we are still inspired and enthusiastic about Eurasia because:

  • Having overcome the recession in Eurasia and with a growing political and economic stability in the Ukraine, and most CIS countries, these areas are ripe for increased global investment.
  • Decreased oil prices due to currency devaluation have led to increased competitiveness in export markets.
  • Currency devaluation across the whole region enforces import-substitution, making exports more competitive in the global market.
  • Countries like Kazakhstan are extremely rich in raw materials, but companies tended to export the crude. Now, oil and gas are increasingly being processed and refined to finished products, providing value-adding for businesses and the economy as a whole.

As Eurasia experiences a new influx of industrialization, governments are actively supporting localization through policy-making regulations.

A new wave of industrialization is happening in Eurasia

The Creon Energy Fund will play an instrumental part in these investing trends. The lucrative project opportunities are endless in crude to products. The Creon Fund will be there creating jobs and value for economies across the region.