Investment Objectives


We are committed in our belief in the potential of Eurasia.

It is our task as The Creon Group to take a leadership role and create value in Eurasia. We invest in companies which are anxious and impatient to enter export markets by modernizing their facilities. We assist them to rescale to production, improve quality and when required, find them the relevant working partners.

  • Modernization: We co-invest to provide financing dedicated to modernizing equipment, which is generally a precondition for competitiveness in global markets.
  • Export-orientation: Many companies would like to expand their export markets, but lack customers, technology partners or financial resources. We can help find such partners and we are eager to assist when it comes to production up-scaling.
  • Diversification: Some countries rely too much on crude exports, which is a weakness in times of declining market prices. Our investments reduce this dependence.
  • Supporting SME: We can assist in a restructuring process making companies more attractive to financial institutions.
  • Green technologies: We support ideas dedicated to increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce emission as we believe in clean techas an economic driver in the future.

We are a value-adding investor
Creon Capital wants to contribute to diversification and modernization in Eurasia by investing in medium-sized chemical processing projects. Such investments are small for large corporations, but too large for SMEs without access to financial markets.