Creon Capital is a privately-owned AIFM based in Luxembourg, seeking to grow together with its clients and partners by investing predominantly in energy-related sector in Europe, Asia, Russia and other CIS countries.

We understand these markets and believe in the region’s unlimited potential. Countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are rich in natural resources, but short on processing capabilities. However, considering favorable market conditions and exceptional export-oriented economic policies a new wave of industrialization and a trend towards cleaner energy production are being experienced in Eurasia – and Creon Capital is leading the way.

Creon Capital listens, Creon Capital gets involved

Our experience as Fund managers is combined with vast industry expertise by the Fund partners and its more than 150 affiliated specialists. The Moscow-based consulting company, led by Dr. Fares Kilzie, has been involved in almost all major downstream projects of Russia’s chemical industry and the energy sector in the past decades. This expertise offers us unique access to attractive investment opportunities.

Prior to investing, we listen to our partners to understand their needs and expectations on the Eurasian markets. We are an active investor, seeking to provide add-value by sharing market expertise and our unique network in the industries.

Creon Capital is a value-oriented investor

We seek to create value in Eurasia, while being part of the ongoing modernization of the industries. But as a European Private Equity manager and LPEA member, we are also committed to EU-standards of corporate governance, compliance and sustainability.


Creon Energy Fund S.C.A. SICAV-SIF started its first investments in early 2019. Prior to this, more than 200 project opportunities have been reviewed and around 40 projects are currently still under review.

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ISS Global Solutions S.à.r.l.

The company is specialized on project logistics solutions for the energy and chemical industries. It is a joint-venture between the Creon Energy Fund SICAV-SIF and Dubai-based ISS Global Forwarding, owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD).

Currently, our logistics company is focused upon heavy-bulk transports of components for wind power plants. The specialists have organized transports of the world’s largest windmill towers across the longest ever distances, from Germany and China to Kazakhstan.


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CoalTech S.à.r.l.

Our partner CoalTech Ltd. is a LSE-listed technology fund, which belongs to Bahrein-backed company Clean Invest Africa. Their Italian engineers developed a unique solution to process coal fines to pellets and proved in pilot projects in South Africa the technology’s technical and commercial viability. In order to upscale this innovation on key markets outside of Africa, the joint venture CoalTech S.à.r.l. has been founded.

From the perspective of Creon Capital, the CoalTech investment is a classic case of upscaling an existing business. Since the CoalTech solution is proven, the company had to leave their VC-stage and develop the business. The technology ensures to process this waste to a valuable product, while the companies solve their environmental challenges.