We know how to manage your projects in Emerging Markets

More than 50 seasoned specialists work today for Creon Group on projects, as Fund managers, management consultants or in the conference department. While the group is purposefully expanding its scope of activities, our specialized business professionals implement hands-on approaches in management and advisory services. It is our core mission is to assist the clients in improving the business performance.

Almost 100% is Creon Group’s market share as a management, advisory and investment company in segments of the Oil and Gas Downstream industry in CIS countries: LNG, LPG, Methanol, Helium and to a large extent the polymer industries are business areas, in which we clearly dominate the market.

40 conferences are being organized annually by Creon Group. As platforms for entire business segments such as Renewable Energies, Methanol, Helium, Polymers and the like, visiting these events became mandatory for countless managers across Eurasia. When hosting events, Creon experts proofed to be well-informed about the latest market trends.