Our Compliance strategy


Our Compliance strategy

Creon Capital is a value-oriented European company, which invests in Russia and other CIS markets. The markets, in which we operate, are not transparent. The rule of law, which exists in western markets, is still not prevalent in Eurasia.

As a Fund, we cannot and do not endeavor to change business environments and habits in foreign countries. Given the multiple positives that are accomplished by working with these countries and the attractiveness of our return-perspective, these investments will enjoy varied benefits. Creon Capital always follows strict European values and compliance standards while investing eastwards.

Creon Capital has developed a three-fold compliance strategy, which is being implemented with all our PE-projects. Guidelines for our Corporate Governance Policy are recommendations of the ALFI, the Association of Luxembourg Financial Investors. They underline the 10 principles proclaimed in the ALFI Code of Conduct.

Creon Capital and its management team are committed to the Code of Conduct with our three-fold compliance strategy and more.

Proofed Structure

Licensed as SICAV-SIV by the Luxembourg Financial Authority CSSF, the Creon Energy Fund is monitored in the strictest manner by several independent external institutions: Auditor: Ernst & Young, Depositary bank: Intertrust, Legal advisor: Arendt & Medernach, CSSF. Compliance is an integral part of our risk management procedure.

Bound by the law

Creon Capital S.á.r.l. is a Luxembourg based Fund manager. Legally we are subject to the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The companies in which we are invested, are obliged to follow the anti-compliance law in their respective countries.

Moral obligations

With implementation of the ALFI Code of Conduct, we permanently monitor the compliance risks and communicate to all our investors. For our partners in emerging markets we provide all necessary assistance to advance their corporate governance to a European level.  We see ourselves and our projects as positive examples of how to work successfully in Eurasia.