Chairman of the Board

Dr. Fares Kilzie

Dr. Fares Kilzie has served for 15 years as Chairman of Creon Energy. Under Dr. Kilzie’s management, Creon Energy successfully oversaw hundreds of strategic management and consulting projects for leading market players.

Leveraging nearly 30 years of expertise in the field of international business, Dr. Kilzie excels in his work with Creon Capital as part of his CREON Group, which focuses on providing effective investments for the development and expansion of multinational energy business, logistics and “green industries.”

As the founder and chairman of the board, he identifies unique investment opportunities with sustainable growth potential for enterprises wishing to do business in the EU, Eurasia and Middle East. He works with his multinational teams to devise investments, business plans, due diligence projects and more in line with both Governance and international standards.

Over the years, Dr. Kilzie has also supported global clients in financial and strategic planning to discover the potentials of large energy projects with his Creon Energy, working with the vast majority of hydrocarbon and energy providers in the EU and CIS. An expert in the field, he has been instrumental in finishing a range of different projects in the oil and gas industries. He has helped Creon Conferences to host more than 300 major events and congresses not only regarding the traditional industries like mineral fertilizers, helium, methanol, gas condensate, mono- and polymers components for the automotive industry, but also the advanced renewables like hydrogen, waste treatment, wind power and energy transition according to international ESG standards (Environmental, Social & Governance).

In 2016, Dr. Kilzie initiated the CREON Energy Fund SICAV-SIF, a private equity fund with focus on investments in promising industrial projects. The management company and unlimited partner of the fund is CREON Capital S.a.r.l. headquartered in Luxembourg. The fund invests and co-invests in innovative „green tech”, industry and logistics projects in European and Eurasian.

Being a staunch advocate of sustainable business development for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Dr. Kilzie founded, jointly with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) the first Environmental Transparency Rating in 2014. The “Rational Approach” project checks oil companies in Eurasia on their environmental responsibility and encourages them towards an environment-friendlier, sustainable and socially more responsible business according to international ESG standards.

Throughout in his long career in Germany, Dr. Kilzie gained valuable expertise in the EU petrochemical industry as founder of FABA GmbH in Cologne and RCC GmbH in Düsseldorf. As head of FABA, he helped cement the company as a premier provider of finance and project risk insurance services for Eastern Europe-based projects. An expert in his field, he holds a Doctor of Medicine.

Dedicated to his field, Dr. Kilzie devotes himself to the Worldwide Fund for Nature through Creon Capital and Creon Energy. Looking toward the future, he intends to experience the continued growth and success in the field.