Chief Development Officer

Florian Willershausen

Florian is an experienced business journalist with a specialty in Eastern European economic affairs. Prior to Creon Capital he worked as the Chief International Reporter for WirtschaftsWoche, the leading German business weekly. Previously, he was based in Moscow and reported as a CIS-Correspondent for the leading business-daily Handelsblatt.

Well-known for his independent expertise of the region, Florian frequently speaks at conferences on diverse topics such as modernization of economies, corruption and political risks. As an advisor he assists foreign investors in the balancing of political risks and economic opportunities in Russia, Ukraine and like regions. 

Florian always provided in-depth-analysis of markets assisting businesses in decision-making. In his analysis of Russia, as an example, he assessed the investment climate, governmental diversification efforts, the structural challenges for foreign investors and how political risks might affect their businesses. Florian visited and studied many emerging markets such as China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Turkey and Kenya, in order to compare business conditions on a global scale.

With Creon Capital Florian now applies his area-expertise to practice as a Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications. His unique skillset and connections in both the business and political arenas makes him the ideal intermediator between Europe and Eurasia.